A Garden Update: October 2018

Hello! I’ve been absent for some time from blogging because my health was poor over the Summer and then worse in early Autumn. Suffice to say, no gardening was done and I was good for nothing but rest. All back to full health now though and I spent some proper time outside in the garden today and yesterday. It’s become rather wild and needs some TLC, but all in all, not too bad.

I wanted to share with you all some photos I took of the garden from late October so you can see how the garden has been developing. So today’s post is just a small collection of those photos. So for those who are still here… enjoy this brief update!

The Honeysuckle Garden

The Rose Garden

I am really loving how well this clematis Montana is covering our utility room walls and roof, I think that is one idea that has been successful.

The Edible Garden

Some of you will notice I dismantled the raised greenhouse and took out the raised bed from the left here. I decided they were just not working in this space. Don’t ask me when they were removed though, because I simply cannot remember! I am guessing early August.

Other things that are due to change here include that fruiting arch. I like the concept, but the placement is just not working for me here, so that needs a rethink.

The Water Garden

The Woodland Garden

Anyway that’s all the photos I took from late Autumn this year. I’ll post some more photos up as Winter progresses.

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