A new pergola | The Honeysuckle Garden | Summer 2018

Hello! Today quick post is to show you the new pergola I built over the last weekend in The Honeysuckle Garden.


The vertical supports were already in place for the pergola, so I only needed to add the top horizontal beams to create the ceiling structure of the pergola.

I added some detailing to the end of these beams which we didn’t do for the pergola in The Blackberry Garden and I’m pleased with the result:


As you can see, I am using the pergola to support the wisteria as it grows – I think in the coming years this should look marvellous; I do hope it gives us some flowers at some point though!

Mr Meadow and I are considering adding some additional beams going the opposite way; we did not add them on at this time because we wanted to see how the pergola looked with beams going just one way for now. What do you think about doing this? That job may have to wait until later on this Summer for now.

For the side of the pergola that links our garden with our neighbour, we will be adding trellis to the side for privacy and will be growing another climber over that. I originally planted an evergreen Jasmine in the border near to this side of the pergola and it was initially establishing itself well, but it was badly affected by the late frost and snow we experienced this year. I must admit that I thought it was a goner, but then I noticed the other day that it is sprouting new growth, so perhaps I will just have to wait and see how it does. I’d love to have the Jasmine climbing over the pergola on that side because it is beautifully fragranced, but it will not be much good if it is not evergreen. Hmm, decisions, decisions!

Anyway, I’ll also add some diagonal supports at some point to add some additional strength to the structure, but for now the wisteria can continue wrapping itself around the pergola and establishing itself whilst Mr Meadow and I need to take a long earned rest from working in the beating sun!



Written by Bethany Wright


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