What’s Been Growing On? | A Garden Tour | June 2018


Hello! Sorry this post is slightly late. I have been building the pergola in The Honeysuckle Garden this weekend – I finished that today and stained it. I decided that job needed pushing higher on the priority list right now because I really needed to get the wisteria trained it; it had recently reached to the top of the post it was climbing and had begun spiralling around itself, so it was more than ready. Anyway, here is June’s What’s Been Growing On? post – enjoy!

garden plan_LI



The Honeysuckle Garden

The Honeysuckle Garden, June 2018
The Honeysuckle Garden, June 2018
The Honeysuckle Garden, June 2018


Highlights this month:





Alliums sphaerocephalon


I am loving the combination of the sphaerocephalon alliums with the soft texture of the grasses — it’s simply dreamy at this time of year. Technically, the sphaerocephalon have not bloomed yet but their buds are so architectural.



This is looking gorgeous this year and gives the garden such a beautiful fragrance. The bees are loving it too.


Cotinus coggygria (aka, smoke bush) ‘Young lady’


Astilbe (multiple varieties of white and magenta)



The Rose Garden


Roses: ‘Our Beth’, ‘Persian Mystery’, ‘Hot Chocolate’, ‘Handel’

‘Our Beth’, June 2018

‘Our Beth’ was a new addition to The Rose Garden that I did not blog about at the time when I planted it last Autumn/Winter. It was a gift from Mr Meadow and it is blooming beautifully this year.

‘Handel’, June 2018
July 2016
‘Hot chocolate’
‘Persian mystery’


Brodiaea ‘Queen Fabiola’



The Edible Garden



We’re still eating strawberries on a regular basis and the rhubarb has grown huge recently. So much so I think the blackcurrant bush may have to move next year to help free up some space. Ideally I would like to move the rhubarb, but they dislike being disturbed!

Apple tree

The errand apple I missed when I removed the blossom from the apple tree this year is growing beautifully:



These are just starting to flower which can only mean one thing – harvest is right around the corner!







The Blackberry Garden



Again – there’s not much to show you here but that should improve in the coming years once the climbers establish themselves. The geraniums ‘Rozanne’ in the raised beds are still blooming well though.

The Water Garden



I want to add some more planting into the pond so there’s not much to show you here. In the mean time, due to the very dry weather here in the UK recently, the pond level has been sinking lower and lower so I had to buy some tap water condition the other day and I topped it back up. Hopefully I won’t have to add to the pond again this Summer as I dislike using tap water to do so. As a bonus, we discovered about 20 new teeny tiny fish babies in the pond after filling it back up!


The Woodland Garden



Feather reed grass, Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’

These grasses are looking superb this year!




Sedum ground cover



Thank you for reading another post in this monthly series and I hope you enjoyed!

Written by Bethany Wright






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