Night-time lighting | The Blackberry Garden | Summer 2018

Today’s post is to show you all some new outdoor lighting I purchased recently and installed on the pergola in The Blackberry Garden.



Mr Meadow and I have been focusing much of our energy on this area this year, so adding lighting to the area so that it could be used for entertaining and relaxing in the evening was the finishing touch after all the hard work!

If you have been following this blog, you will know that this year we have:

Before that, in 2016/17, we:

You can click on the links above to see how this garden area has developed over the past two years!


Anyway, back to the lighting…

I did a fair amount of research online to find the right lighting for the pergola. I knew solar lights just wouldn’t make the cut due to the sporadic weather in the UK and the fact that I have had solar powered lights in the past only for them to only last a year or two before having to be replaced. Solar powered lights also do not tend to be as bright as mains powered. Many solar powered lights I have found are also not the warm white colour I prefer.


The final lights I settled on were these string lights from a friendly family run business called lights4fun. Before I tell you about the product — and please note, this is NOT a sponsored post in any way; all opinions are my own — I just wanted to say what fantastic service and super quick delivery I received from the company. I received my lights within a matter of days and the guides on the website to help you chose the right light sets for your needs were so helpful; they really know what they are doing. Anyway, I digress, but I can’t recommend them enough.

My main reason for choosing these particular lights is because they are durable and waterproof and they are designed to be left out all year round in all weather conditions which is just amazing! I also love the fact that you can connect additional sets to the lights if needed – this helped me a great deal because I was not sure just how many sets I needed for the pergola. In the end, I settled on 5 sets in warm white with white wires to blend with the pergola colour – you are able to select the wire colour and bulb colour to suit your preferences, which is a great touch. I’ve been so impressed with these lights that I will be adding another set for the other decked area once the pergola is built for there — stay tuned to see that update!


20180627_222639 enhanced

I love the way these lights give such a gorgeous sparkle to the garden in the evening/at night and how their glow reflects off the pond next to the deck!

To turn these lights on and off it’s just a case of switching them on and off via our outdoor electricity box. They have been out in all weathers so far this year, including some very windy storms and they are still going strong. I just love their warm white colour and how bright they are! They add a great deal of ambience to the garden at night which helps makes the most of these warm summer evenings.

Those of you with a sharp eye will also notice that I also purchased a set of submersible pond lights which I installed at the same time as the fairy lights. Again, these are well made and durable and I have been happy with them, but think that I will need to add more lights in the future to light up our pond at night properly as the three we currently have do not seem to be quite enough for our pond size. It will be super simple to add more lights because like the fairy lights, you can just connect additional sets one after the other and even add a spacing link between sets to light up different area of the your garden like shrub and trees for night time impact. How cool is that?! All ideas to mull over for the future for sure… Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a warm summer evening and a G&T with my name on it whilst I ponder over how to light up the rest of my garden like a Christmas tree.



Written by Bethany Wright


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