Irrigation | The Edible Garden | Summer 2018

Hello! As mentioned in my earlier post this week, I wanted to share with you some tweaks I have made recently to the strawberry tower in The Edible Garden.

We have had a great harvest of strawberries so far this Summer and it seems to all be down to a simple irrigation system I installed last month. I picked this particular set up for about £5 with all parts included.

I connected the irrigation system up to the greenhouse tap I installed last year and had to buy an additional tap divider and hose connector to allow me to use the greenhouse tap at the same time as the irrigation system.

Often I will just turn the tap on early in the morning and forget about it until I see the strawberry tower shelves dripping later on that afternoon, so it may be worth installing a water timer at some point.

Anyway, it’s making my life so much easier to not have to worry about constantly watering the strawberry shelves! I think this has made the world of difference to how many strawberries have ripened this year. The shelving system has also proved amazing for keeping slugs away from the strawberries; I tend to just place the strawberries so that the fruit hangs over the edge of the shelves.

I also had enough tubing to extend the irrigation system to around the family apple tree and into the raised bed mini-greenhouse (try saying that fast…) and this seems to be keeping my tomatoes well watered and growing along nicely!

I am considering investing in soaker hose to allow me to water the rest of the garden with ease because I currently spend at least 1 hour a week giving the garden a thorough soak in dry weather. That would need to be installed in late Autumn/Winter now though, so I have time to mull that idea over. Does anyone have any recommendations for what system they use? Let me know in the comment section below!



Written by Bethany Wright


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