Apple trees: time for planting | The Rose Garden | Summer 2018

Hello again! I’m back today with a quick update on the apple trees that I have grown from scions I took in Winter 2017 and grafted onto apple tree rootstocks later on in Winter 2017. If you follow this blog, you will know that the apple trees looked like this to begin with and I gave you all another update on their progress here.

Well they have been steadily growing on and I decided to plant them out the other day, so I thought I would show you where I have planted them and what the plan is for them.

‘Mystery apple’

You may recall that I lost the variety label  for one of the branches on my family apple tree which I took the scions from so the variety of these trees will remain a mystery until it bares fruit.

I planted the two ‘mystery apple’ trees either side of this metal archway I erected to create an entrance to The Rose Garden when walking from The Edible Garden. The goal is to train the trees around the metal arch to create a large fruit tree archway and I will train each horizontal branch into the current horizontal supports of the arch to create an espalier shape.



You can see that I have already begun to establish the lowest tier of the espalier shape by selecting the central leader which I tied into the central support and I then selected the side branches to form the arms of the espalier; I carefully lowered these into position along the horizontal supports. I think it’s looking good already!


‘Golden Delicious’


The other tree is ‘Golden Delicious’ and I planted this tree at the front of the mini greenhouse. The mini greenhouse will serve as a permanent support for the tree, which this particular rootstock requires. This miniature tree will be trained as an espalier, with the branches trained along the wood bordering the windows which will make the most of a small space. It should also help soften the look of the greenhouse and create a green wall effect. I intend to grow this tree until it is about 1.5 metres tall.

As you can see, I still need to add my wire supports to the greenhouse and select the horizontal and vertical branches I will use – I will probably get to that at some point this week!

Anyway that’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed seeing another update on these apple trees.



Written by Bethany Wright


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