What’s Been Growing On? | A Garden Tour | May 2018

Hello! Today’s post is another in the monthly ‘What’s Been Growing On?’ series to show you how the plot has developed this May and what is blooming… enjoy!


garden plan_LI



The Honeysuckle Garden


The Honeysuckle Garden, May 2018
The Honeysuckle Garden, May 2018

Highlights this month:


Lamprocapnos spectablis (bleeding heart)

Lamprocapnos spectablis (bleeding heart), May 2018

This is looking magnificent this year – the best it ever has!



The blooms on this are looking good this year again; I can’t wait for this shrub to mature in the coming years and grow to its full potential.


Aquilegia ‘Columbine mix’

Aquilegia ‘Columbine mix’, May 2018


These aquilegia has been such a delight to see this Spring! I grew these from seed and pretty much forgot about them aside from planting them out at some point last year. They have seriously proved my nonchalance towards them incorrect! I love the shape of their foliage and interesting flower heads.


Clematis cartmanii ‘avalanche’

Clematis cartmanii ‘Avalanche’, May 2018

This is a new addition I recently added to this area to increase the early season interest in the garden and as it is evergreen, it will create some year round structure.


Ajuga reptans ‘Burgundy glow’

Ajuga reptans ‘Burgundy glow’, May 2018

This beautiful evergreen groundcover is giving such an interesting and colourful show right now.




More Geums are blooming this year; the mix of red and orange is a mistake but I don’t mind it, so I may just leave them to it. I actually like the way the red of the Geum picks up on the burgundy-red undertones in the sedge grass.

Cherry tree

I salvaged a neglected looking shrub/tree from a pot when we moved into this garden and I recently planted it this month at the top of the Honeysuckle Garden and I’ve narrowed its identity down as belonging to the cherry tree family.


Ceanothus update:

I showed you in the last post from this monthly series some frost damage that occurred to my ceanothus in this area and I decided to remove it. The end!



The Rose Garden


Highlights this month:

Clematis montana ‘Pink perfection’

Clematis montana var. rubens ‘Pink perfection’

This month gave us a beautiful show of one of the classic early clematis you see everywhere at this time of year, smothered in blooms. We have one sprawling its way along the arbour seat:

Clematis montana var. rubens ‘Pink perfection’, May 2018

The other one is clambering up the side of the utility room walls.


Alliums ‘purple sensation’ and ‘aflatunese’


Oriental poppies



I’m loving the colour contrast between the alliums and the poppies. I would like to say that was totally planned, but no…


Clematis ‘Bernadine’



Foxgloves (self-seeded)

Self seeded fox gloves May 2018

A cottage garden classic – I tend to just let these seed themselves wherever they like.

Rose ‘Belle of the Ball’


You may also notice that I have cleared the central area of this bed; it is to make way for another little seating nook. We have not decided whether we will deck or gravel this area yet due to the manhole cover. I originally thought gravel would be good, but the sloped level could mean a deck with a hatch access for the manhole might be more suitable. For now I’ve weeded the area and placed weed suppressant fabric over the surface until we start working on the area:



The Edible Garden


Highlights this month:



All the strawberries I planted in the strawberry tower that I first blogged about here are growing along excellently this year! We can’t wait to start picking fresh strawberries to add to flavoured gin and tonic; it seems to be the perfect tipple for this time of the year.


Family apple tree


You may recall I told you I was going to remove the blossom from this tree this year so it puts all its energy into developing its structure and I followed this through. However I must have missed one developing fruit blossom because I found this hiding behind the foliage. I am reluctant to remove it due to how delighted I was to see this… it may have to stay. One wee apple won’t do it any harm this year I suppose.




The Blackberry Garden



If you follow this blog, you will note that we have now painted the corner sofa seat we renovated the other month and the deck has had its first light stain (with many more to come no doubt).

Highlights this month:


Euphorbia, May 2018

Geranium ‘Rozanne’


Blackberry (thorn-less variety)

Blackberries, May 2018


 The Water Garden


The Water Garden, May 2018

The Water Garden, May 2018

Highlights this month:

Carex pendula ‘pendulous sedge’

These grasses edging the bank of the pond have put on so much growth recently and also gave us a subtle plume of interest to this area this month.

Carex pendula ‘pendulous sedge’ May 2018


I think these will look marvellous planted en-mass in the future; I will have to divide them in Autumn once they are large enough.

The Woodland Garden


The Woodland Garden, May 2018


Highlights this month:


Lamprocapnos spectablis ‘alba’

Another bleeding heart in this area of the plot, but this time in white; so pretty!

Lamprocapnos spectablis ‘alba’, May 2018

Polemonium careuleum (Jacob’s ladder

Polemonium caeruleum (Jacob’s ladder), May 2018

A modest bloom from this plant this year.

Hostas and heucheras

Heuchera ‘guacamole’, The Woodland Garden, May 2018
Hosta, The Woodland Garden, May 2018


No blooms yet from these, but I just wanted to show you how superb the foliage from these gorgeous plants is looking! I love the zingy green leaves of the heuchera ‘guacamole’.



That’s all for today’s monthly tour! I think it’s all looking marvellous and I can’t wait to see what next month brings. Please subscribe so that you don’t miss any updates 🙂



Written by Bethany Wright




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