A new tree | The Rose Garden | Spring 2018

Hello! More sunny days means more days out in the garden recently! Today’s post is all about a new tree we purchased for The Rose Garden.

This lovely new tree is a Salix (willow) ‘Flamingo Pink’ trained as a standard:


Mr Meadow and I were both struck by its stature and interesting foliage. Whilst it isn’t recommended to keep willows in pots due to drying out, due to the restricted shape of this tree I think it should be just fine. I added water retaining gel crystals and mixed compost with our clay soil to provide a sturdy and moisture retentive medium for planting this tree. I am able to hook up an irrigation system directly to this pot if watering becomes an issue, so we will see.

I chose not to plant this tree in the ground and I have good reason not to: the roots of willows like to search out sources of water and there is a manhole cover with access to the drains on our property. That gave me enough of a reason (a HUGE one) not to plant anything in the ground tree-wise here, especially not willow!


In the future I will replace the pot for a soft green colour so that it blends in  more with the foliage. I am not too concerned about it however, because it will be covered in a matter of weeks by the canopy of roses/peonies/lilies etc.

So we will see how this tree fairs in its pot state as time progresses. It is certainly adding a great statement to this main bed and providing vertical structure. I plan on planting a ground cover with shallow roots into the pot to soften its edges, suppress weeds and retain moisture by providing shading to the surface of the compost. It’s time to raid my seed box to see what would suit!

What do you all think of this new additional to our garden and have any of you had any experience of keeping any similar trees in pots?


Written by Bethany Wright


  1. This is a stunning tree! The only success I have had with pots is succulents. Everything else in a pot seems to die for me. But I haven’t killed any trees in the ground so that is something. I can’t be of any help but I am sure you will do great. You have a VERY green thumb.

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    • Thank you Kate! You’re too kind! I am not usually very good at looking after things in pots so we will see haha. I’d love to grow some more succulents, there are some amazing varieties! How is your garden growing along at this time of year? Beth x


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