Grafted scion update II | The Edible Garden | Spring

Hello! I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine recently, I know I certainly have. Anyway, today’s quick post is to show you all how the scions I grafted on to root stocks are growing.

To recap, I grafted:

2 x ‘unknown apply variety’ scions onto to MM106

1 x ‘Golden Delicious’ onto M26

2 x ‘Sunset’ onto M26

Both of the unknown variety are growing along well:

Grafted apple tree scion, May 2018

This variety is grafted onto this particular rootstock due to it being more vigorous and it will eventually support itself without assistance. I will be forming them into an espaliered fruited archway to provide an entrance to join The Rose Garden to The Edible Garden.

The ‘Golden Delicious’ is also doing well:

‘Golden Delicious’ grafted scion, May 2018


Unfortunately, both the ‘Sunset’ grafts are not yet growing, which suggests the grafts have not taken. Although this is the first time I have attempted this type of thing, I doubt I grafted them incorrectly because all the other grafts have successfully taken apart from this variety, which suggests it could something to do with the variety. I have checked both the rootstocks and the scions to see they are still alive and all are, so it is a mystery! I will wait it out for a bit longer to see if anything changes.

The next thing for me to do is begin training these mini fruit trees into their espalier shape as they mature and then they will be ready for planting out this year! Please follow this blog to see more updates 🙂


Written by Bethany Wright 

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