Freesia seeds & freesia bulbs | In The Greenhouse | May 2018

With the change in the weather recently (at last!), I finally got around to potting up my freesia bulbs that I had been storing over Winter in my raised cold frame. Storing makes it sound all very planned and proper, but I’ll admit the weed seedlings had colonised the containers and I had pretty much forgotten about the until I saw some new shoots the other day. This prompted me to go on a huge bulb planting expedition.

June 2016 (3).jpg

I firstly just planted the freesia bulbs from last year in new containers with new compost. I sorted out the bulbs according to size (roughly), as there were many tiny baby bulbs that I know won’t flower this year, but that I intend to grow on to help them fatten up for future years so I can increase my stock. I simply love the scent of freesias, so I would love to have multiple pots of them around the garden!

Freesia seed pod

The next thing I’ve been trying my hand at is sowing some freesia from seed! I actually saved these freesia seed pods from last year and I am giving it a go at sowing them. I’ll have to let you know how these do!

Agapanthus, 2017

I also sowed some agapathus from seed harvested from pods I took from agapanthus we currently have growing in the garden. On a side note, the agapanthus in the garden is looking rather worse for wear at the minute due to what I suspect was frost damage. I have had to remove much of the damaged growth, so it might be just as well I saved some seed from them, because their blooms were fantastic last year.


As a total experiment, I also sowed some gladioli from seed (again, harvested from seed pods last year). I sowed them in the same way as the agapanthus; in 15cm pots filled with gritty compost, dusted them with said compost and watered lightly in. I’ve no experience in doing any of this, but I figured if I can grafted a tree, I can try growing some bulbs from seed!

I’ll post some updates in due course!


Written by Bethany Wright

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