DIY raised bed mini-greenhouse | The Edible Garden | May 2018

I recently showed you the sofa seat that we renovated in The Blackberry Garden and in that post, I mentioned that I recycled the lap wood taken from an old bicycle store to box out the sofa frame at the sides and the bottom. I saved the frame and the doors from the bicycle store as I knew I could repurpose it. Here is what I decided to create:


Mini-greenhouse | May 2018


Tada! I now have my own mini-greenhouse to plant directly into. The raised bed allows for excellent drainage and it heats up faster than other areas of the garden. I ended up having to shorten the height of the shed to make it more in-keeping with the rest of the garden; the original height seemed too imposing!

Here is a shot of inside the mini-greenhouse planter:


Inside view of the mini-greenhouse | May 2018



Inside view of the mini-greenhouse | May 2018


I decided to retain the wooden doors from the shed and just trim them down rather than add a windows etc because the doors face North and do not block any light.

All the plastic I used for this project was plastic left over from when Mr. Meadow built me the cold frame for hardening off my seedlings, which I recently DIYed into a raised cold frame; you can read about that here. Any extra wood you see added was additional lap wood left over from when we renovated the sofa seat.

One of my main reasons for creating this mini-greenhouse was to keep cats out of the bed. However, another reason for doing this is to extend the growing seasons for growing crops. With the recent snow late on in Spring this year, my lovely purple globe anti-chokes were all wiped out after having sat happily all through Winter 😦 This greenhouse planter should allow me to protect my crops from frost in the future.


View of The Edible Garden | May 2018


The back side of the mini-greenhouse will support two of my espalier apple trees that I am currently growing from scions grafted onto rootstocks. You can read about that here and here. The branches will be trained along the horizontal pieces of wood on the windows which will stop light from being blocked. I think this should also help ‘bed’ the mini-greenhouse into the landscape. Here is a view of the back of the mini-greenhouse:


View of the back of the mini-greenhouse | May 2018


The raised bed greenhouse will be painted in the same soft sage green we have been painting everything with recently, which should finish it off perfectly! I also need to create a mesh screen door to be used for when I need to increase ventilation the mini-greenhouse on warm days, but that will still allow pollinators to get to the crops for pollination and to keep cats out! Mr. Meadow has also said he will add wood onto the front to create a bench seat (this is why the doors have a gap at the bottom to allow for this). I also think it would be useful at some point to also add irrigation on a timer to this bed, which in turn could be linked to the strawberry planter to prevent any drying out. All these jobs will be done at some point this year (giving myself a very healthy deadline there haha).

Anyway that’s all for today, I’m delighted to have been able to reuse this old shed into something useful for our new garden. I am looking forward to planting out the first of my crops into it! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates 🙂


Written by Bethany Wright

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  1. Your mini green house is fabulous! I am working on hubby to make me one but we have so many other things to do first. I love the idea of having a place to keep certain edibles away from pests and extending the growing season. All the reasons I want one. Those darn rabbits and groundhogs keep eating my cabbage and lettuce. I decided to forgo most of my vegetables this year with the exception of sweet potatoes because of the animals. I wish you success with your lovely new addition!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kate! So far it’s going well in the mini greenhouse. I planted out some lettuce in there to let it grow along but alas the slugs got to them! It seems you can keep everything else away but not those pesky things. Kind of ironic haha. I will have to try again but maybe keep lettuce in hanging baskets as this is the second year this has happened to me! I am sure it is a bother with the rabbits and groundhogs but it sounds very sweet having them visit your garden. What have you got planned for your garden? Beth x


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