A Renovated Sofa Seat | The Blackberry Garden | DIY

Hello! Today’s post is an update to show the renovation of our old sofa frame that sits in a nook in The Blackberry Garden. We have transformed it from this:


Sofa before renovation, The Blackberry Garden, Jan-Feb 2018


To this:


Sofa frame renovated, The Blackberry Garden, April 2018


We managed to complete this project for £120! I think that is not bad at all considering you’d have a very difficult task to try to find a solid wood corner garden seating set for that price. The total cost of wood alone was £85, so everything else was just new drill bits, a new saw, sanding sheets and screws. We saved money on wood due to using reclaimed scaffolding boards for the back and the seat and then I stripped off an old bicyle shed we had sitting behind the greenhouse (more on what I have done with the frame from that in another post…) to box out the sides and skirt the bottom. We originally discussed using decking boards to clad the frame, but in an effort to keep costs down, Mr Meadow found a supplier for used scaffolding boards. We are both very pleased with how the sofa looks and how solid it is; it should last the test of time! I would choose scaffolding boards again for any project similar to this for those reasons alone.


Sofa renovated, The Blackberry Garden, April 2018


The loudest, messiest and most laborious part of this process was the sanding of all the surfaces (our neighbours love us) and rounding off any sharp edges! Glad we made the effort to do this though, as it has made a huge difference.


Sofa renovated, The Blackberry Garden, April 2018


The old footrest will also be decked on top with wood recycled from an old pallet (from the bricks for the pathway Mr Meadow installed last year) and the sides of that will be boarded out with more of the recycled fence panelling from the shed. We would have liked to use more scaffolding boards for it to match the main sofa, but it will only take another board or two to complete the top. Our supplier for the reclaimed scaffolding boards only sells in bulk from 10+ boards and our local hardware store charged £15 PER BOARD! To put that in perspective, we paid £50 for 15 boards (so about £3.30 per board) from the supplier and we ended up needing to buy 2 more of the scaffolding boards from the local hardware store to complete the armrests and for one additional back piece, so that bumped the cost up.


If you read this blog, you will notice that the pond filter that I installed inside the sofa frame has now been boxed away as planned beneath the sofa seat. Yearly access to this will be required for future maintenance so it will just be case of removing the panelling when required. We originally planned to create a hinged seat to allow access but the design became too complicated for a once a year access requirement! I may decide to alter this side of the sofa in the future to include a small door for access if it seems necessary, but we will see.

I also had the foresight to save our old sofa cushions from this sofa which make it exceptionally comfortable to sit on. I’m so glad we have managed to get this job done because we can now start to use this area to enjoy the afternoon and evening sunshine!

Now we just need to paint the seat and the deck and the major renovation works in this area are done 🙂 We also have plans for ambient lighting to use this area in the evening so stay tuned for that update…

I hope you enjoyed seeing this update and stay tuned to see more soon!


Written by Bethany Wright


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    • Thank you Kate. Mr Meadow has been enjoying some relaxation time there with a book or two. I find it a challenge to sit and not get up to “just do this…” Not that I mind though haha. Beth x


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