What’s Been Growing On? | A Garden Tour | April 2018

This post is the first in the ‘What’s Been Growing On?’ series, which will be a monthly update of the plot and will include highlights (and lowlights) from each garden area to show what is in bloom or of interest that month, along with a snap shot of how the garden is growing along that month. I wanted to ideally begin this series last month, but the weather has delayed so much in the garden that it seemed pointless showing you all dead/dying foliage and bare Earth! Anyway, enough of that, on with the tour… enjoy 🙂


garden plan_LI

The Honeysuckle Garden | April 2018

The Honeysuckle Garden, April 2018
The Honeysuckle Garden, April 2018



One of the earliest signs of the beginning of the growing seasons in the UK is when you see the yellow flowers from forsythias popping up in hedgerows around the UK.


Forsythia, April 2018

Magnolia ‘Susan’

I love this beautiful shrub. It’s stature would fool you to thinking it is more of a small tree, but no. Its blooms are such a welcome sight at this time of year and I am pleased with the amount of blooms it has displayed in its second year!


Magnolia ‘Susan’, April 2018

Pieris ‘Forest flame’

This little pieris is giving some interest to this area due to the new red growth; as it matures it should give some great structure to this area due to being evergreen.


The first of the Geum flowers have been emerging this month – great colour!

Lowlights: frost damage



More frost damage but with fresh green growth.


These look iffy to say the least… Will have to see what happens.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden, April 2018


Red flowering currant

This large shrub was inherited with this garden and we left it well alone because it adds some much needed age and height to the garden. I love how smothered it has been in flowers this year and the berries it produces are loved by the birds.


Red flowering currant, April 2018

Spirea arguta ‘Bridal Wreath’

I love this pretty shrub, it is one that travelled with us from our old garden and I find its name so fitting! So many delicate white flowers on equally delicate lush foliage! I am thinking that I would like to move it to a new area sunnier of the garden this Autumn so that it can be appreciated more and so that I can free up more space in this bed for a tree!

Spirea arguta ‘Bridal wreath’

Viola ‘freckles’

Earlier this month, this pretty ground covering viola was in bloom beneath the roses. I will be leaving this to spread en-masse to create a carpet of Spring colour.


Viola ‘Freckles’, April 2018

The Edible Garden

This area of the garden is primarily a working area of the garden used for growing crops which means it does not have as many blooms to show you, but I will show you some highlights.


Miniature pear tree

This month has seen the first flush of pear tree blossom which really means Spring is finally here! I am impressed with the amount of blossom on the tree this year and how tall it has grown considering I have moved it twice in the past two years.


My rhubarb did not fair well last year for some reason, it seemed like it vanished over night! So I am very happy to see how well it is emerging this year and I hope next year I’ll be able to take a small harvest from it!

Family apple tree

I have blogged afew times now about this family apple tree and as you can see, it is now blossoming. I am reluctant to remove the blossom, but I should remove it to allow the tree to put its energy into developing its structure.



More frost damage 😦

The Blackberry Garden

This area is seeming rather sparse, but I blogged about how I recently planted some new climbers in this area, so I expect in future years we will have some blooms at this time of year.

The Water Garden



I am delighted that we have frogspawn this year in the pond! I didn’t expect we would get this so soon, so it means wildlife is already settling well into the area.


Frogspawn, April 2018


I blogged recently about some tulip bulbs I planted in the grass that edges the pond and they are finally emerging!

The Woodland Garden

There isn’t much to show in this area of the garden yet so we are planning on planting some Spring bulbs later on in the year.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the first post in this series to show you how the plot is developing! Don’t forget to read the next post in this ‘What’s Been Growing On?’ series next month to see how the gardens transform through the seasons.


Written by Bethany Wright

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