Honeysuckle & Clematis | The Blackberry Garden | Spring Jobs

It seems much of my gardening right now is focused down towards The Blackberry Garden and today’s post is all about some new climbers I planted near there to scramble up our newly erected and painted pergola.


‘Lonicera henryi

The first climber I planted after the pergola was built and painted was this evergreen honeysuckle. It needs full sun, it flowers in Summer with fragrant blooms and as a bonus, its foliage is evergreen! As a result, I decided to plant it on the first post of the pergola which can be viewed from our kitchen window because the evergreen leaves should help create some green structure in Winter in this area. I think it would also be a good idea to add in a Winter flowering climber to twine alongside it to create a year round flowering structure!


Clematis Justa’

This is the next new climber for this area and it has pretty purple flowers. It will be sitting in full sun and I’ve planted it up in the bed where I recently dug out an old concrete fence post.

As a backdrop to the aforementioned flowering climbers, we have a great deal of established ivy growing from both the left hand side and right hand side of the pergola. I know many gardeners perceive this plant to be a weed, but I will be leaving this alone to grow on top of the pergola. One crucial reason for this is that we have many birds in this area that like to use the ivy for forage and shelter. In addition to this, as the ivy grows it will give us additional privacy which will be evergreen and it will soften the lines of the pergola. I will also encourage the flowering clematis and honeysuckle to scramble in amongst the ivy as they grow. I think in about two years’ time, it should start to look wonderfully wild and in-keeping with the rest of the garden! We just need to finish the seating area in this area so we can start enjoying it come the Summer πŸ™‚

Written by Bethany Wright


  1. These flowers will look beautiful on your pergola once they are in full bloom! The lovely scent of the honeysuckle and the luscious green ivy will be wonderful against the clematis.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of everything in full bloom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kate! Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay in my reply. Yes I hope everything grows along well too and I’ll be taking photos of course πŸ™‚ I think it will be a year or two until we have the effect we want, but it should be worth the wait! Beth x


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