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We had some absolutely beautiful weather recently that made me feel more reassured to get on with more seed sowing in the hope that it should be safe enough to begin planting out next month. Fingers crossed we have seen the last of the ‘Beast from the East’.

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been sowing beans for The Edible Garden! I have two varieties this year; one which I grew successfully in previous years and another that I attempted last year that grew, but then got eaten when I planted it out…

The first is a type of runner bean known as ‘Equator’ which gives high yields, is a vigorous climber and has pretty white flowers. It is a great plant for both crop and beauty!

Runner bean ‘equator’ growing in our old garden, Summer 2015


The second type of bean is another beauty and something really different! It is a borlotti bean ‘Lingua de Fuoco 2’ and they are a type of bean you cannot buy fresh in the United Kingdom so definitely worth giving a grow (heh). They have crimson and cream splotched pods and beans which I think will be such a fun change and interesting to see what they look like as they grow (and on your plate). I think children would really love learning how to grow these beans due to how they look! I purchased these seeds in 2016 from Sarah Raven as we were in the midst of  moving into this current garden. Being an eternal optimist, I thought I could find time to create a growing space in an overgrown garden, with a chaotic house move in progress, renovation works going on and no space to work on to actually sow seeds. It was fool hardy… but you can’t doubt my dedication, surely? 🙂

In line with the reducing the amount of plastic we are all consuming and wasting, I planted both of these beans in recycled loo roll tubes with the usual seed compost. This year I am going to have to let them grow on more before I plant out and stay vigilant about slugs and snails! The only thing for it is for Mr. Meadow to sleep in the garden (I’m working on it).

I will be growing one variety per side up a currently rather un-fetching metal green archway support I erected for the planned espaliered apple trees I recently made from scion cuttings grafted onto root stocks. I doubt the apple trees will be ready for planting out this Summer, so I will be utilising the space for the time being with the beans so it should create a lovely lush flowering archway filled with two different varieties of beans on each side! If the scions take (nothing to show… yet) I will just pot them on and plant them in place in Autumn/Winter. That will also be a better time for planting fruit trees than this Summer anyway.

All being well, the beans should not be eaten to the ground, but due to being more organised this year I should have enough time to do a second sowing if required. Here’s hoping…



Written by Bethany Wright


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