Planting Potatoes | The Edible Garden | April 2018


I have been much more organised this year gardening wise due to most of the major garden renovations being completed over the past two years and I have been chitting potatoes ready for planting out and I decided this week that they are finally ready for planting.

As I have dedicated a relatively small area of my plot for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in The Edible Garden, utilising all the available space effectively is key for me. For that reason, I am using a wooden potato planter to grow potatoes in. Here is a shot of the planter from when I used it last year:


Last year I was very late with most things (potato planting included!), so did not get time to blog about it. Primrose is a website where you can buy this potato planter if you are interested and you can buy it with a growing bag and potatoes as part of a kit. I think it would make a great gift for someone who likes growing their own at home. It’s also really handy to have the door for accessing the potatoes when you’re ready to harvest.

Last year was my first attempt at growing potatoes, and whilst I did get a small crop from my potatoes, I did learn a few lessons. This year, I am only planting a small amount of potatoes into this planter. Last year I planted too many potatoes in my wooden planter and the crop of potatoes I got were new potato sized, which although nice was not the intended size. Again, this was exasperated by the fact that I was late planting the potatoes…

The potato variety I am growing this year is ‘Cara’ which are apparently a heavy cropper and are good for baking and chipping. I am growing them in home-grown compost made up mainly of composted horse manure. I’ll be keeping an eye on them and topping up the grow bag with the compost as their shoots begin to emerge!


This post is not a sponsored product and all opinions are my own.



Written by Bethany Wright



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