A Garden Plot Design | Winter Jobs

We have had more snow and cold weather over the Easter bank holiday, so any plans for gardening were soon scuppered and we headed back to work indoors on the house instead. So I thought I would work my way through more Winter related jobs.

If you read this blog, you will be aware that I have divided up my plot into separate smaller garden rooms. However, you may not be aware of how these gardens slot in together or  how unusual the overall plot shape is. The diagram below shows you an overview of the plot and each garden:


garden plan_LI

To recap, here are shots of each area taken from the ground (taken at various times of the year):


The Honeysuckle Garden:



The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018

The Rose Garden:

The Rose Garden: June 2017


The Rose Garden, February 2018


The Rose Garden, February 2018

The Edible Garden:


The Edible Garden, January 2018

2018-02-28 23.29.33
The Edible Garden, Late February 2018


In The Greenhouse:


In The Greenhouse (a new raised cold frame) February 2018

The Blackberry Garden:

The Blackberry Garden, August 2017


The Blackberry Garden, March 2018


The Water Garden:

The Water Garden, August 2018
The Water Garden, August 2017


The Woodland Garden:



My next point of call at some point this year is to draw up a plan of my borders so I can easily recall where each plant is and its variety with ease. It may have to wait for some time though because there is always gardening to do at this time of year however!


Written by Bethany Wright


    • Thank you! Yes I agree! I like it because it’s a challenge due to being a shady area so I can try different plants that I can’t plant out in the rest of the plot. It does mean that when I move on to renovating the front garden I want to build something to house the bins!

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  1. How wonderful that you have so many different gardens on your property. I can imagine that come spring/summer they will be bursting with blooms and tantalizing smells. I have always wanted a water garden. Yours is beautiful and I look forward to seeing everything in its peak.

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    • Thank you very much Kate! Glad you enjoyed the post. Hopefully if we have seen the last of the frosty weather then the garden might have a chance this year of some blooms 🙂 Oh you should do a small pond if you can! I’ve seen old barrels filled with pond plants on patios that look great! In our old place we did not bother with a pump for our pond either, we just used oxygenators and kept the natural balance of the pond by making sure it had 1/3 shade covering for the water. We put goldfish in there that had babies every year and frogs in no time. You would not regret doing it and it’s definitely possible whatever size your plot! Let’s hope for some warmer weather and I’ll let you know how things do. Beth x


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