Spear Me The Details! | Asparagus planting | The Edible Garden

Today’s brief post is about some asparagus plants I have finally been able to plant out. I’ve spared you all photos of the bare roots of the asparagus (do you really want to see that?) and I will take photos once they begin to emerge.

I bought these babies a few weeks (okay… months) ago, but could not plant them out due to the snow and frost recently (and perhaps forgetting about them being left in the utility room…) Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to increase my supply of perennial vegetables so I can maintain them every year and in turn leave myself a smaller area for experimenting with a seeds. That’s the plan anyway!

I did some research recently and decided that the area  where the cold frame used to be situated would be ideal due to it being sunny and open. Those of you who read my post will be aware that I recently relocated (and elevated) my cold frame to right outside my greenhouse. Anyway, asparagus can apparently continue cropping for 10+ years once planted so I knew I needed to find the right place. To be honest though, I am limited for space these days due to stocking the beds so well in the past two years and I wanted the asparagus to grow in the Edible Garden specifically, so that was a new spare space and it seemed to work so I’ve just gone with it. I am truly a professional….!

I do not expect a crop off these plants for about two years and will be leaving them alone to establish and develop their root system. Here’s hoping year three will be the year of the asparagus for us 🙂



Written by Bethany Wright





  1. I found this very interesting. I love eating asparagus and it would be so yummy to have it in my garden. We have one stalk of asparagus that comes up in a random spot every year. I always pull it out but it grows back so fast. So, maybe I should give up and plant a bunch more. I am guessing the previous owners planted it but I can’t imagine that they planted only one stalk of asparagus.
    I love that you have limited space in your edible garden. What a fun thing to be able to say. I am very much a beginner Gardner but I am hoping to become better every year.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    • Hello Kate! Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed reading this blog post 🙂 That’s so good that you already have asparagus in your garden. I did a quick search and found this webpage which tells you how to create more asparagus plants by dividing the roots of one you already have (if you don’t want to have to buy more plants that is):
      Oh yes the space for growing fruit and veg is tiny! I could have spread it out more in the garden but I love flowers and other plants too much. Do you have a dedicated space for fruits and veg or do you mix them in with your other plants? If you do try creating more asparagus plants from the root cuttings, let me know how they do!
      Beth x


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