A New Pathway | Winter Jobs | The Honeysuckle Garden

Hurrah! The frosty weather has gone again (for now…) so I have been able to get out in the garden once more. Today’s post is about another brick pathway I have installed this week. If you read this blog, you will know I recently completed two other pathways in the Woodland Garden and in the Rose Garden. I am really ploughing through the Winter job list recently.


I have been meaning to add in this pathway literally for months, so I am glad I have managed to complete it this year as it is well over due. This border was difficult to access beforehand to weed or tend to any plants, so it has made a great difference.

The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018



Don’t mind the gaps; I will have to brush in some sand on a dry day! The main herringbone pathway also needs sand brushing into the gaps in that area. It’s just another job that we didn’t get round to last year.

Here is what the Honeysuckle Garden looks like when viewed from one of our upstairs bedrooms:

The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


I think adding a large bird house/feeder behind where the chair is would be nice. I have added lots of bird feeders in another area of the garden and I would like to attract the birds up to this area too so I can watch them from the kitchen table! There is plenty of wood left in our shed, so watch this space… The beady eyed among you will have noticed that I have also (finally!) trimmed the curve on the deck boards. We are going to try complete the pergola on this deck this year hopefully, but are giving the other deck in the Blackberry Garden priority for now.


I love the view when sitting in this area and being nestled amongst the grasses makes it feel more private. As the planting continues to mature (like the rhododendron and viburnum on the left for instance), this should help to enclose the space all the more. Hopefully you can see how I have tried to create a soft dividing screen with the grasses:


The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018


Finally, just because I always love looking back at how the garden has progressed and developed each year, here is a snap shot of how the Honeysuckle Garden has looked over the past two years:



The Honeysuckle Garden, March 2018



The Honeysuckle Garden: July 2017


June 2017: deck after, almost finished
The Honeysuckle Garden, June 2017. Deck almost finished


June 2017. Deck before: foundations
The Honeysuckle Garden, June 2017. Deck foundations built


The Honeysuckle Garden: May 2017


The Honeysuckle Garden: February 2017



The Honeysuckle Garden October 2016


The Honeysuckle Garden, September 2016


I am delighted with how this area has developed! I still have edits to make here and there but it is coming along well. I can’t wait to see how things look this Summer!



Written by Bethany Wright


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