What’s Been Growing On? | In The Greenhouse | March 2018


Today’s brief blog post is about some seeds I sowed in February in my greenhouse. This year, I am being selective in deciding which plants to grow. I am going for a less is more approach to allow me to manage my time well! I have listed below the flowers and edibles I have started off in the greenhouse and I will be documenting how they do as they grow this year.


a) Flowers:

Cosmos ‘picotee’ (a repeat from last year; I loved these! See below)

Cosmos: June 2017

Salvia schlarea var Turkestanica alba (a new seed attempt)

Zandeschia aethiopica (another repeat from last year, but they did not sprout last year)

Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Chilean glory vine’ mix (another new seed attempt; an annual climber)

Sweet pea ‘everlasting’ (a perennial climber already growing over the archway; saved from seed last year; see below:)






b) Edibles:

Melon ‘arav F1’ (seed attempt numero two; these sprouted last year but then strangely died off)

Humulus japonicas ‘Japanese hop’ (first attempt; a vigorous and attractive climber)

Cherry Tomato ‘red cherry’ (a repeat from last year; these did very well – see below)

Tomatoes in the greenhouse, Summer 2017

Anethum graveolens (dill) (another repeat from last year – I loved the shape and colour of the flower/seed heads – see below):

Dill, Summer 2017


Carrot ‘Amsterdam 3’ (a new seed venture; attempt 1)



I will update with progress of these plants as they mature; some have now emerged but it is early days yet. I expect it will be some time until I can plant out this year if this second ‘Beast from the East’ has anything to do with it 😦 No more seed sowing (or gardening…) for now!



Written by Bethany Wright


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