A Raised Cold Frame | Winter Jobs

I recently showed you a new pathway I created for the Woodland Garden and I mentioned that I recycled some gravel from below my cold frame. Well some of you may have wondered what I have done with the cold frame.

Well, I decided to remove it from where it was located in the Edible Garden:


You can see where the cold frame used to be located in the photo above where it is peeking from behind the trough of Gladioli on the right. I did like the location, but did not enjoy having to bend down to check my plants and for watering. I also wanted to increase my vegetable and fruit planting space. So, I decided to lift it to waist height off the ground and position it right outside my greenhouse and I am much happier with it!


Lily certainly seems to like it too:


All of the additional wood I used to create the base and the legs is just wood and leftover decking I found in the shed so this project costs me absolutely nothing 🙂 Another recycling project!

I created the base by using old wood we removed from inside our home whilst renovating and the decking has made a really strong and solid base:


Here is a view of the back of the cold frame from the deck around the pond in the Water Garden:


As for the sofa frame that is sitting on the deck, that is our old corner sofa I have mentioned in previous posts and we will be decking that out at some point this year to create seating for this area!

I’m so glad I decided to move the cold frame as it is much better and will be so useful for hardening off my seedlings this year. Let’s just hope for a few dry days now to get all the woodwork and the decking painted!



Written by Bethany Wright



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