Brute Force Needed! | Winter Jobs | The Blackberry Garden

Another day, more gardening jobs completed recently! The past few days I took to the concrete post that used to support the honeysuckle we inherited in this garden. Despite chopping the honeysuckle back hard last year I still found it to be an ugly mass of tangled stems. It particularly looked unsightly over Winter recently. Added to this, the old concrete post had begun to slump.

So I did what any overly enthusiastic person does. I snapped the post and dug up the old woody honeysuckle:


I ought to clarify actually that I did not intend initially to dig up the honeysuckle, but once I began chopping/sawing into its base it was rocking around, so was clearly past its best. It certainly looked worse before it got better!

Unfortunately, you can see from the photo above that the concrete post had bent over but the reinforced steels running through it had not snapped. It was incredibly heavy to try lift this whilst it remained attached to the concrete ball in the ground. So again, I did what any rational person does and I sawed through it. With a wood saw, because I’m a professional like that. Then here I was left with metal prongs to heave the concrete ball out of the ground, which I did… eventually, with much digging.

Then it was just a case of filling in the hole back in and a tidy up. Mr Meadow helped me later on move the post and concrete ball into the front garden to add to our collection of dug up concrete posts. It was hard work, but I’m glad I got it done as it looked much better afterwards:



I can rest now safe in the knowledge that I never have to do that again – thank goodness!

Most gardeners spend the Winter indoors pottering around perhaps pruning perennials or planting bare roots trees and shrubs. Next year perhaps, haha. Either way, this little bed is ready to be planted with another new climber which I will train up over the trellis.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to find out how I am utilising this area in a future post 🙂



Written by Bethany Wright


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