A Recycled Pathway | Winter Jobs | The Woodland Garden

There seems to be a reoccurring theme recently with building pathways because I recently blogged about a new pathway I added into the Rose Garden recently to improve access into the border. Well, I ticked another job off the list by adding a new pathway to the Woodland Garden:


All the materials (bar the weed suppressing fabric) were recycled! The stone has been discovered whilst digging in new planting and I have been keeping piles of it for future projects and the gravel has been taken from beneath my cold frame. I love how rustic the pathway looks and it is only for light foot traffic so it works well for the area.


I am hoping to see the planting developing in the Woodland Garden this year. Whilst building the pathway I noticed the Heuceras and Hostas are all beginning to emerge again, so I am going to keep an eye out for slugs and the deciduous grasses (Miscanthus giganteus and Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’) are all shooting up again which will help create the dividing screen I am aiming for.

Here is a flashback to how this area has developed over the last year or so:


The Woodland Garden, June 2016



The Woodland Garden, whilst digging out the pond and paving slabs lifted



The Water Garden Summer 2017, pond installed and filled, deck in progress


You can read about the pond we created for the Water Garden here.

Here is another view looking down this area of the garden from the back gate from last year after we had installed the pond and decking and when the birch trees still had their leaves:


I think once the grasses settle in and the planting matures, this should create the wild look I am going for šŸ™‚

Once the weather dries up, we will need to stain the deck to match the other one in the Honeysuckle Garden but it has not been dry for more than a day or two as of yet! The gate could also do with a coat of garden paint when we have time. Anyway, it’s all coming along nicely and I love looking back at how the garden has changed over time.

Roll on Spring šŸ™‚

Written by Bethany Wright


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