A New Pathway & Bulb Planting | Winter Jobs | The Rose Garden

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up again, I have been out in my garden starting jobs that need to be done this year. Today’s post is about a pathway I added to the Rose Garden to improve access into the bed.

I firstly removed the table that was covering the manhole cover and then laid a new slim pathway to allow better access down to this area:


The pathway does not currently lead anywhere, but we are planning to add an additional seating area to disguise the manhole cover and to allow us (okay, mostly me) to sit nestled amongst the planting which I think will be so beautiful in the Summer time.

With the improved access to this area, I was able to give the garden a light weeding and I planted some more lavenders that I had been growing on over Winter to edge the pathway. I have also since carried out the annual pruning of the roses.

You may recall that I mentioned in one of my last posts about this area that I thought this border needed a small tree or shrub to add some structure in Winter. Suffice to say, I brainstormed a variety of ideas but decided to leave the area tree free as I was unsure and I am glad I did!

During the construction of the pathway, I discovered three peonies ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ that I planted last year (and that performed poorly last year because I was late planting them, whoops!) and wow, they are emerging amazingly now. So I have spaced the peonies out in the middle of the border to create a focal point as they grow this year.

I then planted bulbs in between the peonies to create layered planting and successive flowering. These included a mixture of bearded iris, giant lilies, gladioli and alliums. I think the bulbs should do well here because they do not take up much space width-wise, so I am imagining their flower spires emerging above the foliage of the peonies and roses. The foliage of the peonies should help to hide the bulb foliage as it begins to die back after flowering too. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing how this planting combination performs and especially how well the peonies grow this year!

I’m getting so excited for Spring this year with all the new shoots emerging now! This year is much less chaotic than last year was in the garden and I am enjoying watching the garden come to life again. The list of hard landscaping jobs is becoming less and less and we can start enjoying the garden all the more 🙂


Written by Bethany Wright


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