What’s Been Growing On? | The Edible Garden | January 2018


Hello, I thought I would show you all how my Edible Garden is looking at this time of year and evaluate what worked last year, what I would like to change and what I want to do this year in this area.


Here is an annotated photo for you feast your eyes on:




Surprisingly enough, most things have been growing along well in my absence. I am also very pleased that the bark mulch on the pathways has suppressed the weeds well and the raised fruit and veg beds have stayed mostly weed free too! (Famous last words).


I will take you through each area step by step to show you what is growing on at this time of year in the Edible Garden.



Purple Globe Artichokes:


You can see from the photo above that my purple globe artichokes are looking great. The edges of the older leaves were hit recently by some of the frost we have had, but they are looking healthy despite this. I am hoping for a crop from them this year and I have never tried an artichoke, so that should be interesting!


I also chopped the spinach down the other day because when I turned my back in late Summer it bolted (and began taking over the bed…) I may remove it to the compost bin soon once Spring arrives to make more space in that bed.


Raspberry canes:


I have extended the height of the raspberry cane support another metre because they grew to about 2 metres high last year! Here is how they were looking last year before they grew even taller (far right):





They also gave an excellent crop!







I moved the blackcurrant bush further forwards the other day too, because it was elbowing for room competing with the raspberries last year. This too, gave us an excellent and very sour crop last year:




Strawberry tower:


I firstly blogged about the strawberry tower here if you want to read about it. Unfortunately, the tower did not give us such a great crop this year as I was very relaxed in my approach to watering the garden… Okay, I admit I did not get the hose pipe out unless it was incredibly warm. The rest of the garden did great for the most part, but the strawberries were not happy. I think part of the issue was that I spaced them out to allow them room to grow, but in doing so, left the compost bare which meant it dried out quicker. I have potted on all the small runners from last years strawberries and I will be planting them out soon which will fill in some of the gaps. I also added water gel crystals into the compost last year, so I will add more of these this year too, along with mixing in some of our clay soil to help the compost to retain more moisture. Let’s hope they do better this year!



In terms of new vegetables and fruits I want to grow, I have no major preferences this year. I am mostly focusing on honing the structure, growing everything well and in particular, training the family apple tree, which I will be posting a blog about later on this week. Mr Meadow has stated he wants the veg bed to himself this year anyway. He will have to work around my artichokes though, heh! They aren’t going anywhere!



Written by Bethany Wright




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