What’s Been Growing On? | In The Greenhouse | August 2017

Hello again, I have a quick update on what I’ve been growing In The Greenhouse recently.

Firstly, I have been so impressed with how my tomatoes are coming along! I decided to plant just one inside the greenhouse and it has growing right up into the ceiling and is now sprawling along on one of the shelves. Even better than that, is that it has generous bunches of tomatoes growing right up its stem! They have all been growing larger and I am keeping a watchful eye for when they begin to ripen! I have only watered this plant and I have occasionally used liquid seaweed as and when I remember to:


I think that for next year it might be fun to remove some of the shelving on one side of the greenhouse so that I have additional space to plant straight into the ground for crops like these tomatoes that will always give me a larger and more reliable harvest when grown in the greenhouse. Sadly my melon seedlings did not make it off the ground this year due to too little heat in my greenhouse, so I’d like to give those a try next year when I should have fewer seedlings and more time.

One plant I unfortunately neglected this year were my potatoes! I was organised at first with chitting them, but then completely forgot about them due to other things going on. However, I had a day free a week or so ago and I just decided that yes, it is incredibly late to be planting them out, but that I’d try them anyway as it seemed pointless them going to waste. Anyway, Mr Meadow bought me a nifty wooden potato planter some time ago which came with the growing bag and compost, so I just planted them out that day. Fast forward to this week and they emerged from the compost, so I topped them up again with additional compost and so let’s just wait and see if I can get even a small harvest from them:

In other news, I decided to fit in some late Summer seed sowing too. I sowed: archangelica officinalis ‘Angelica – Holyghost’, papaver anisata, armeria maritime ‘Sea Thrift’ and calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’. So far, just the America maritime ‘Sea Thrift’ have emerged, so I will keep you updated on how they do. I loved how interesting the seeds of the sea thrift looked:


I am picturing these plants around the borders next to the pond in The Water Garden I recently told you about.

I have been doing my general greenhouse jobs recently such as planting out the remaining plant stragglers (yes, can you believe there are still some!) I also divided and potted up some Aquilegia I sowed from seed back in April (!):


These will be great for the shady area in The Woodland Garden that I just recently began planting up. Stay tuned for that update soon, because I am loving the new types of plants down in that area and I think you will too.

I also potted on two Commelina dianthifolia ‘birdbill dayflower’ which I blogged about months ago back in Winter when I sowed them! These two are doing well and I am looking forward to eventually planting these rare plants out. Both had also established excellent root systems:


Anyway that’s all for today. There has been so much progress made in the garden recently, but I have been short on time to blog about it. I am only just catching up with myself now to tell you about it all, so expect more posts soon!

Until next time, happy gardening.


Written by Bethany Wright



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