Making a Splash: A New Pond | The Water Garden

Hello again, things are steaming ahead as they always do garden wise at this time of the year and I’ve been out working in this sporadic weather we’ve been having! The tree lilies I blogged about some time ago have now begun blooming and they are looking marvellous! I have never been a huge fan of the scent of lilies as cut flowers inside the home, but these lilies are fragrancing the air beautifully outside on the deck! I’m very impressed with the impact they give that area of the garden.


Anyway, today I thought I’d show you how The Water Garden (ie, the pond area) is looking. It is still a work in progress, but we actually have a pond now.

It took an awful lot of digging out and we gave ourselves generous shelving for marginal planting as we want it to look naturalised as much as is possible once it matures. We also used a tamper to compact the earth. You may notice the water cover we found whilst digging (come on, what are the chances of finding that in exactly the area we choose to put a pond?). Well as a result, we are now on the hunt for a natural looking stone bird bath that will just sit on top of it which I think should look rather nice. I am glad we chose to go with a flexible pond liner now rather than a preformed one as originally planned. This is how the pond (or Mr Meadow’s grave as he liked to call it…) was looking a few weeks ago when we began digging it out at the weekend:


We found some old carpet in the loft when we were up there a few weeks ago, so we decided to use that as the underlay for the pond liner. Cue the hot mess of a pond hole in which the neighbours thought we had finally lost it (excellent):


Then we added the flexible pond liner on top and I pleated the folds as best I could whilst we filled it up:


The following weekend, we took a trip to a local pond centre for pebbles and rocks for the sloped area on the right side ala ‘the beach area’. Here is how the pond is looking once it had been filled and after adding some pebbles and river rocks, new oxygenators and grass edging along the left side to give a natural look:


The rest of the liner edging is going to be edged in huge rock slabs we dug up whilst digging the pond (you can see them on the bottom left hand corner of the photo above). But before we do that, we need to build the framework for the deck first and install the deck boards. The plan is to have the deck all around the edges at the side nearest our back door (bottom of the photo above) and then have it flowing round towards the opposite side which will be a deck with seating which is The Blackberry Garden with the trellis screening for privacy. It gets great evening sun in that area and the deck pathway flowing from the back door to that seating area should give a good sense of flow (and no need for shoes when you want to have a wander out there in the evening like I enjoy doing).



You’ll have to excuse the rough drawings, but I gave a medicore attempt at some garden design software and it was all too complicated for me to sit down and spend the time doing, especially since it’s sunny outside today! You can see the rough plan and the deck supports around the pond are all in place so the supports just need to start being built but I prefer gardening and pottering around too much right now.

Once we have established some marginal planting in the pond and finished the hard landscaping in this area, we will be ready to  add some fish to the pond, but that will be some time yet. I’ll keep you updated as work progresses!

Happy gardening 🙂


Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow



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