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I’ve been sowing yet more seeds again, this time both inside and outside my greenhouse! This is the first time I have directly sown outside this year which must mean things are warming up weather wise 🙂 Hurray!

The first things I sowed were these ornamental grasses known as Panicum elegans ‘Frosted explosion’. I bought these from Sarah Raven last year but did not get chance to sow them. How I ever imagined I could move house and move all my garden plants with us and also have time for some seed sowing is beyond me. I must have been feeling very optimistic! Heh. Anyway, I have found all the seeds from Sarah Raven to be of a great quality and all have germinated very well, so I expect these to be no different. I especially love the packaging used to store the seeds. This little tube is so much better than those teeny envelopes you usually get! I will have to save them and reuse them for storing my own seeds…

These are actually some of the only annuals I am sowing this year (they are half-hardy annuals). However I have not sown all the seeds in this packet, so that I will have extra to sow next year. Many annuals also naturally self seed themselves anyway so who knows, these may just emerge on their own next year!

I ventured out of greenhouse for a change and popped some sunflower seeds in the ground. These ones should grow to over two metres high. I’m planting them at the edge of the deck that leads out of my greenhouse and overlooks the blackberry garden so that they should begin to make some privacy for that area as well as being pretty. The seeds will be great for the birds around here too. The blackberry garden is still very much a work in progress and needs trellis installing (which should be done soon), but the plants such as the honeysuckle and blackberries have to grow over the trellis before the privacy is achieved. So I’m hoping the sunflowers will be an easy and short term solution whilst the honeysuckle and blackberries get growing!


I will let you know how they do germination wise as I already have some dwarf sunflowers growing along nicely in my greenhouse which will be nice border fillers.

Whilst starting to prepare the ground to fine tilth (a crumb-like texture) for the sunflower seeds, I came across these which I vaguely recognise seeing in the garden last year before we had to clear this area of the garden due to it being overrun with brambles:


Can anyone give me an idea of what these might be? I have left them alone for now, so I will have clearly photos once they start to get abit larger. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any ideas of what they may be! I LOVE finding new plants unexpectedly in this garden. Someone must have looked after it at some point which is so lovely. I found some daffodils near to this spot earlier on last week which I wrote a blog post about. You can read about that here.

Well that’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates – there’s much more to come! Don’t forget that you can follow my blog so you don’t miss any of my updates. Until next time, happy gardening 🙂


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