In The Greenhouse: Pricking out

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Hello! It’s another day and another blog post for you all! 🙂 I’ve been a busy bee recently in my garden and I wanted to tell and show you all about what I’ve been getting up to!

I pricked out my first seedlings the other day which I posted a blog about here and I’ve been busy pricking out some more! Exciting times 🙂 This time I am really excited because these little seedlings looked all but doomed to failure earlier on this year after they fell prone to damping off, but I whipped them out quickly and salvaged them the best I could and they have been doing great ever since! I’m talking about of course, my rock roses:

Mar 2017 1

You can see that they had all developed their first set of true leaves and I was eager to get them pricked out into new compost to give them the space and nutrients they needed. The teeny module tray I had them in was also drying out quickly on warm days so I wanted to help them out as best I could (and myself since I don’t always have time to water my plants twice a day… who does?!). You can see they were beginning to be ready for pricking out because their roots had begun peeking out the bottom of the tray:

Mar 2017 2

I filled a new module tray with multi purpose compost, made a hole with a dibbler (in my case, a pencil) for the root system of each seedling and then I very gently held each seedling with one of its cotyledon leaves (the first set of leaves that emerge, NOT its true leaves that look different). I then teased out the seedling’s root system with the dibbler, before gently lowering each seedling into its new cell and then I firmed around it gently to get rid of any air pockets and to ensure that the roots had good contact with the new compost. I then watered the seedlings in to their new homes and admired them. Job done! I’m loving pricking my seedlings out. It’s so amazing to think they grew from such teeny tiny seeds! Their resilience amazes me! In particular, these little rock roses amaze me with how well they have done 🙂 I would recommend to any fellow gardener not to give up if damping off occurs, it’s worth giving plants a second chance.

Anyway these rock roses are looking healthy as can be sitting proudly in the greenhouse next to the rest of the clan! Have any of you grown rock roses before? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget you can follow my blog so that you don’t miss any updates 🙂 As always, happy gardening!


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