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Hello all!

I had a busy week last week and got so much gardening done, so I’m only just catching up with myself to blog about it all with you! So stay tuned for those updates… ūüôā

If any of you are Gardeners World subscribers like myself, you should have received some free lettuce and tomato seeds recently with your latest issue. Mine have been sat waiting for me for awhile, so they’re one of the first things I sowed last week.

I started off with the tomatoes. I haven’t grown tomatoes before on account of not having a greenhouse or the¬†proper space inside to grow them, so this is a new venture for me.¬†If any of you have any tips that you could give me, that would be great! I believe these tomatoes are the cordon type so require removal of the side shoots as they grow. Have any of you grown tomatoes successfully out in the garden or is it better to grow them¬†inside the greenhouse to reduce blight?

I sowed four seeds per pot and I sowed six pots. I covered the seeds with a fine layer of compost and moistened:


Now for the lettuce: I didn’t want to fill up my raised vegetable bed with them (space is at a premium!)¬†and I also have a variety of empty troughs and pots around the garden, so I decided to do the first sowing of these directly outside (no need for heat for germination) into a wooden trough filled with general purpose compost. I will be doing another sowing of the lettuces¬†this week or next to allow for a (hopefully) successive harvest once they grow. I¬†ran a shallow drill¬†down the centre of the trough with¬†my finger and thinly sowed the lettuce seeds before pinching back the soil over the top¬†of¬†them and then watered them in.¬†I will thin the seedlings out as they emerge to allow room for each plant to grow and reduce competition.¬†I placed the wooden trough right outside our back door next to my herb bed (I have a blog coming up about that soon), to allow easy picking when harvest time rolls around. I have a second wooden trough that I will place next to this one once I have done the second sowing:

I’m hoping for these both do well and I must get around to painting the troughs once I have time and a dry day… Anyway, have any of you sown yours yet? How are they doing so far? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow my blog so that you don’t miss my new garden updates.


Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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