Potting on: Lavender plug plants

Hello there! If you’re a returning reader, thanks for stopping by again and if you’re new, welcome to my blog The English Meadow! I’ve been busy the past few days in the garden and I’ve also shot some videos of different things I’ve been doing which I will be uploading to my youtube channel soon, so stay tuned. I already posted a blog about my greenhouse tour on my previous post which you view here and you can head over to youtube to watch that video here.

You can skip right to the video about HOW TO POT ON LAVENDER PLUGS by clicking here.

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been potting on lavender plug plants that I received the other week from Thompson and Morgan. I got these for a great price and I wanted to get so many because I want to edge all of my flower beds throughout the garden with lavender! I chose Thompson and Morgan because I have used them before for ordering many types of plants and I have always been impressed with the quality and how well the plants do. Anyway, lavender is one of my favourite plants and also, the bees and insects love it and I always love trying to help out nature in my garden too. Here you can see what the lavender hedging is looking like. I gave it a generous prune back the other day. I do this to keep the hedge compact and to encourage it to bush outwards instead of growing upwards, otherwise lavender turns very woody and straggly which looks unattractive:


Some of you may recognise this bed; it is in The Rose Garden (can you spot one of the roses?) and I recently dug out this bed to make it larger which you can read about here. So yes the lavender plugs that have arrived are to carry on this hedging right the way through the garden. Here is what the lavender plugs looked like when they arrived from Thompson and Morgan:


As you can tell from the photo, they all arrived looking very healthy and after potting them on, this is how they look currently sunning it up in my greenhouse:


They are looking great! For those of you that are interested, I have uploaded a video to my youtube channel all about how I potted on these lavenders which you can watch here.


Things are starting to grow more now so the momentum is beginning to pick up! I’ve been so busy gardening so I have lots to tell you all about. I will blog all about it soon, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my updates! Thanks for reading and following my blog 🙂

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Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow



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