Planting grape vines: advice needed

Hello again! Welcome back to The English Meadow if you are already a regular reader. If you are new here, welcome to my blog!

As the title of this post suggests, I need your help! Have any of you planted grape vines outdoors and if you have, what has been the result? Have you had good success with getting a good crop from your grape vines? I’m here in the North West of the UK so it is cooler than the South and I have heard that this can effect your crop yield. If any of you have been in a similar situation, what has your experience of this been? I am currently debating whether to plant the grape vines in my greenhouse (but they may take over as it is only a small space!) or whether I should try planting them out in my garden. Let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to head over to my youtube channel to watch the video about planting out grapevines.

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Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy gardening 🙂


Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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