video In The Greenhouse: A video tour!

Hello! It was a really wet and muddy day in my garden yesterday, so I escaped from the rain into the greenhouse to do abit of Summer bulb planting as I have hundreds to plant! Thank you Mr. Meadow for that, heh! I decided to do a quick video tour for a change so that you can see what my greenhouse looks like inside as I have been talking about doing one for awhile now! As I say in the video, it is quite compact (a 20 by 20 metre greenhouse did not go through planning permission with Mr. Meadow), but there is plenty of shelving and storage. I must also add that I mentioned in the video that I have a thornless blackcurrant to plant, but I meant blackberry of course. I already have a blackcurrant bush in the raised fruit bed. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the blackberry is actually an evergreen variety, which was a nice surprise. I have an ideal place for that to romp away, so stay tuned! I don’t expect much fruit off it in its first year but such is gardening. I can wait.

Without further ado, here’s the video…



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