Food For Thought

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

-Virginia Woolf A Room of One’s Own.

Hello! Recently I have been considering all the possibilities of growing my own in my garden this year and to follow on from Virginia Woolf’s sentiments, to dine well, in my humble opinion, is by growing your own food from the seed up and then cooking it! So within that vein of thought, I thought I would tell you all about what seeds I have been sowing for the edible garden this year, all of which are not plants I have sown before so it should be an interesting experiment!

First off this week, I sowed:

Artichoke ‘violet de provence’

I bought these seeds from Sarah Raven last year in what must have been when I was feeling overly optimistic thinking I could move house and garden whilst growing my own plants from seed… Hmmmmmm, tricky! Anyway, I must confess I don’t believe I have tried artichokes before which is what attracted me to having a go at growing them! The plants themselves look so unusual once they have grown, so I thought it is worth growing them just for that reason alone! As you can see from the photos above, I decided to grow just two pots of these with four seeds per pot and I may thin out the weakest ones. I used a sandwich bag to make a simple DIY propagator.

Following on from vegetables to a tender fruit that will have to be grown in the greenhouse:

Melon ‘F1’

This again is a new venture for me as I have not grown melons before! I am looking forward to seeing how they do and it will be fun keeping it in the greenhouse and seeing the fruit growing. I sowed these in a similar way to the artichokes by sowing just four seeds to one pot and covering it with a sandwich bag. I have brought the melon seeds into the house to encourage them to germinate as I do not have a heated propagator in my greenhouse.

Last but not least, the best way to flavour your dishes in my opinion are with herbs. You also can’t beat the extra vitamins in herbs to add nutrition to your dishes as well as flavour. I have a dedicated herb bed in my garden that I will blog about in more detail soon, but I sowed a new herb today that I did not get chance to sow last year:


I loved sowing the dill because the seeds actually smell like the herb itself! These seeds were also purchased from Sarah Raven last year so let’s see how they do.

All of the plants I have mentioned above are not only delicious for eating but they are also beautiful in the garden. Especially the dill which can be used in flower arrangements or, if you’re like me, it would look beautiful grown mixed in among flowers in garden borders.





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