In The Greenhouse: Grow Baby Grow

Well hello! Things are growing along beautifully in the greenhouse so I thought I would share with you all everything that has been happening – or should I say, growing!

My rock roses that I sowed in December, began experiencing damping off but determined as I am, I decided to take a chance and I pricked them out early into a new tray in a effort to save them. Things were looking good and… guess what? Earlier on this week I saw the first few signs that they were developing their true leaves! I know I’m not out of the woods yet because they are still seedlings, but I’m so glad I took a leap of faith to save them. Here is a photo of them from earlier in the week when I noticed their growth:

Rock rose seedlings developing their true leaves, 21.02.2017

Let’s hope they continue to grow well.

I have had some excellent germination from another plant I sowed recently: stock ‘giant perfection mixed’. Almost all of these seedlings have emerged:

I just need some seedlings to start growing their true leaves now and I’ll be pricking out some plants ready to start growing them on! Right now it all feels very exciting but it won’t be long before it can all turn abit chaotic so I am going to enjoy the anticipation while it lasts.

There are a few seeds I am still waiting to emerge including these hollyhocks ‘good golly miss holly’. The other seedlings that have begun to emerge are also hollyhocks so I had to take the propagator lid off so as you can see I added a piece of cling film to ‘good golly miss holly’ and I will remove it as soon as the seedlings emerge:

Hollyhock ‘good golly miss holly’ February 2017

I also found this was the same story with the echinops ruthenicus (globe thistle) that I sowed in December, so I also draped these with clingfilm:

Echinops ruthenicus (globe thistle), February 2017

I sowed some more seeds this week which I will be blogging about soon so stay tuned for that if you’re interested! Happy gardening!


Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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