Courgette Crisis Averted

Everyone stop what you’re doing now! I have heard your cries of despair over the courgette crisis gripping the UK and I have the matter firmly underhand!

You just need to grow your own 🙂

In fact, did you know? Courgettes are one of the easier vegetables to grow for a beginner; what’s more, the Italians use courgette flowers in their cooking. Mama mia! So start growing these little babies this year and impress your dinner guests with some delicious stuffed courgette blooms! You can find some recipes here and here.

Here are the results of our courgettes  grown in our raised vegetable bed in 2016:

Courgettes grow so fast and abundantly, that we chose to only planted one plant which was more than enough for us! Courgette plants can take up a lot of space per plant, so if you have limited space like me in your vegetable plot, one or two plants should be more than enough.


I like to harvest courgettes when they are smaller, as the taste and texture is better in my opinion due to them being more tender. This plant was purchased as a tiny bean from a local garden centre because we moved house last Spring/Summer, so I did not have the time to be sowing from seed. However, the year before that, I grew them very easily from seed. So give it a go yourself this year!

Why grow your own?

The benefit of growing your own is that whatever you grow is truly freshly picked, chemical free (why would you choose to use chemicals anyway?!) and cheap (aside from buying a packet of seeds and possibly compost if you don’t have access to your own). You also cannot beat the buzz you get from thinking: ‘I grew that!’

Anyway that’s all for today, let me know your plans for growing your own this year and whether you will have a go at growing courgettes this year!


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