What’s Been Growing On? January 2017


Well hello! Just an update today for you all on how things have been growing along in my english meadow garden this Winter! I have been checking my seeds every few days and at last one of my trays of seeds that I sowed mid to late December 2016, which can you read about here, has finally emerged! Or should I say, has begun to emerge somewhat. Take a look:


It’s so exciting to see how these little seeds emerge so up close like this! These particular seeds require no cover, just contact with the soil, the correct temperature and light in order for germination to take place in case some of you are wondering. This way of germination offers such a fascinating look at how these tiny seeds begin their growing life! These particular babies are Helianthemum sp. aka rock rose (mixed). I’m in love already. Fingers crossed they carry on doing well and it shouldn’t be long before I’ll be pricking these out into their own individual cells! So exciting! Stay tuned for updates.

Other exciting things happening right now in the garden (or more specifically the greenhouse) includes the dwarf daffodils (tete-a-tete)  that have begun to emerge! Hello beginning of Spring! It’s getting closer…


These crocus bulbs that I received as my secret santa gift in work are also beginning to emerge, but there are no roots to speak of yet. These will look so pretty on a windowsill in the house:

These crocus bulbs will be brought in along with one pot of the tete-a-tete once they begin to grow more – ready for flowering! Bulbs are a great way to bringing the outdoors indoors and they are also inexpensive and easy to grow too. If you want to read more about plants you can grow inside your home, you can read my guide on choosing house plants here.

Other little plants sheltered away in the greenhouse at the moment includes these buddleia:

These little ones are just in the greenhouse growing along nicely. I will be potting them on once they have filled their pots. They should have a nice start before I plant them out in the garden this year.

Next to the buddleia we have these fuchsia cuttings that I propagated myself from my fuchsia delta ‘sarah’ in the garden:

It looks like this when flowering in all its glory:

It’s one of my favourite plants in the garden and never fails to give me a good show of blooms! I cut it back hard every year to keep it compact and bushy. The cuttings are coming along nicely, there are signs of new growth which means they have successfully rooted! I’m so excited by this because some of the old leaves went brown and dropped off, so it’s a good sign seeing the new growth.

It just goes to show you how fantastically useful a greenhouse is in prolonging your growing season (or in my case, getting a head start!) at this time of year. But what about what’s happening outside the greenhouse; in the garden?


Well, I also took some lavender cuttings last year at the same time as I did the fuchsia cuttings, and I originally kept them indoors before my greenhouse was built, but then I moved them into the greenhouse after it was done because having pots of plants sitting next to you for breakfast wasn’t exactly practical! I wasn’t sure they were doing that well, but slowly but surely, new signs of growth has begun to emerge. I bit the bullet the other week and moved these youngsters to just outside the greenhouse. Lavender is a tough plant and I figured these cuttings will do just fine looking after themselves outdoors, and lo and behold, they are:

I have a long term plant to edge the flower borders with lavender, so these will help out along the way for sure. If any of you are curious as to how take cuttings, well I am due to write a blog post about that very soon – so follow my blog so you don’t miss any of my new updates!

What else? Well many of my herbaceous perennials have long since died down for Winter, but certain things are  still ticking over nicely and slowly growing day by day. Such as my purple sprouting broccoli:

They won’t be ready to harvest for a few months yet, but they were planted in around mid to late Autumn last year and they have pretty much looked after themselves – which is always a blessing! Isn’t the texture of the leaves with all the rain droplets beautiful? Who says growing your own can’t be beautiful as well as satisfying and useful?

As well as purple sprouting broccoli, I also have some little beetroots steadily looking after themselves in the vegetable beds:

The picture on the left was taken last year just after I sowed them direct in the soil and they had emerged. My how they’ve grown! I expect these will be ready for harvest very soon. I may have to carefully dig one up to see if they are the size I’m after. Don’t forget that you can follow and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on my new garden updates and be one of the first to see my plants as they carry on growing all this year!



Moving away from the raised vegetable beds and into other parts of the garden, the inherited honeysuckle that I discussed in my blog post here, has been putting on some new growth. It seems to have been shocked when we disturbed its roots during late Summer. However, this was necessary with all the brambles and weeds growing around it (see the photos below). I also discovered it had been planted still in its pot. I can only guess the person who planted it was either attempting to constrict its growth by restricting its roots or hey, maybe they didn’t have a clue. But I did my best to dig around it the other day and cut the pot away at the sides. I couldn’t reach the bottom of the pot due to huge roots in the way, so I hope this will be enough:

As you can see, it is rather woody but I am reluctant to chop too far into it because the old growth is showing some excellent signs of new growth that I can train in this year. I will have to wait and see. I also gave the ground around the honeysuckle a good weed and a thick compost layer as a mulch to give it some much needed nutrition. I then discovered new bulbs shoots emerging there which I am so thrilled about! I have no idea what they are, but that is part of the fun… I will let you know what they are as they grow!


Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing a bit more of what has been going on in my garden recently! Keep checking back for more updates and follow or subscribe to my blog so you can read all about new things happening in the English meadow garden this year!

Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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