December Seed Sowing: calla lily, climbing jasmine, japanese primrose and rock rose.

Following on from my recent posts about gardening in Winter, here is another example of what you can do at this time of year when most of the plants in your garden are still snoozing! If you are anything like me, you want to garden all year round not just in Spring and Summer. So Winter seed sowing is a perfect Winter afternoon activity that will pay off in the long run when you have  an abundance of new plant babies ready for going out as soon as the last frost passes!

I set to work today starting on sowing afew seeds packets I received in a Christmas present. I have so many seeds to sow this year, as I have mentioned in my previous post here, so I will be staggering the sowings throughout the weeks of each month to allow myself time for sowing/pricking out/potting on/hardening off/planting out/regaining my sanity..!

So these are the seeds I started off with today:

Calla lily: Zantedeschia aethiopica

Climbing jasmine: Stephanotis floribunda

Both of the above seed types were quite large so I decided to sow one seed per cell which will make potting on easier at a later stage as it removes the need for thinning or pricking out later on.

Japanese primrose: Primula japonica var. mixed

Rock rose (mixed):  Helianthemum sp. 

Both of the above seeds were extremely tiny so I simply cast them both in seperate trays filled with moist seed compost. These will have to be thinned out and then pricked out later. Fingers crossed that the seedlings emerge in afew weeks. For now they are sitting proudly in my greenhouse!

The calla lily and jasmine both require a temperature of 24-27 degrees celcius for successful germination so I combined the seeds in the one tray of cells (pictured above) and I have brought them into our home for now on an upstairs east facing windowsill until the seedlings emerge. Both of these plants can take 1 to 3 months to germinate! That’s one thing gardening teaches you…patience! I hope they all grow well.

Well, that’s all the seed sowing I did today. Stayed tuned for further seed sowings, garden updates and seedling progress in the coming weeks!


Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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