Boxing Day Bulbs: iris, alliums, tulips, snowdrops, tete-a-tete and crocus.

I am ashamed to say for my gardening sins that I have had a backlog of bulbs waiting for me to get them planted for months and months. Now that I have some time on my hands, I have begun to get them planted up and I am so excited to see them all begin to emerge once Spring arrives which is feeling not too far away to me!

I am an avid follower of gardening programmes including Gardeners World and I also enjoy watching Carol Klein’s gardening programmes. There was one episode I watched where Carol Klein used pots of tulips to splash colour around her own garden. I thought it was a brilliant idea because it allows you to move pots of bulbs wherever you like and also being tucked away inside a greenhouse out of the cold is a brilliant spot to do some bulb planting at this time of year in my opinion.

I also received some Flag Iris bulbs some time ago from Gardeners World as a free gift and I did not have time to plant them when they arrived, so they were one of the first bulbs I planted up yesterday:

You can just see the sprouts beginning to emerge! I planted them in general purpose compost in pots, holding the top of the bulb at soil level and then I gently filled around the roots before watering.

Some of the other bulbs I planted included alliums, tulips, snowdrops and tete a tete daffodils. The general rule of thumb with bulbs is to bury them 2 to 3 times their depth for those of your wondering.

I also received some Crocus bulbs in magenta glass vases as my secret santa in work this year which was a perfect gift! So we will see how they do as I have never grown bulbs in just water before. They are in the greenhouse at the moment until they begin to emerge properly and then they will be brought into the house for abit of floral beauty and scent inside!

So you can see, gardening is not just for Spring and Summer! Start now with these little jobs and get ahead with your planning to make this year a beautiful one 🌻

Written by Bethany Wright at The English Meadow


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